Statistical Tables

Statistical tables provide information about descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, or both. Descriptive statistics include information such as mean, standard deviation, mode, range, or frequency. Inferential statistics refers to data reported from a statistical test such as an ANOVA (Graphing -Designing Tables, 2004). It should be mentioned that statistical tables can be categorized under two categories: general tables and summary tables. A general table is a free-format table and a summary table is a table of summaries variables for publications or presentations. 

An Example of a Statistical Table is Seen Below:

This table provides the results from the Transeurope Footrace mobile whole body MRI-project (Schütz et al., 2013). In this table we see P- and F-values as well as power.   

(vol.%) Pvalue  Fvalue P value testPower Fvalue  
TSV  0.322  2.565  0.058  0.640  –  
TVV  0.322  2.565  0.058  0.640  –  
TLTa  0.000  44.605  0.000  1.000  51.592