ORCID Identifier (iD)

A newer persistent identifier, but one with which many researchers are more familiar, is the ORCID identifier (iD) for researchers. An ORCID is a generally accepted unique identifier for researchers. It is a simple numerical identifier (e.g. 0000-0001-6479-5361). Each researcher/author should have only one ORCID, which will stay the same over their lifetime. Researchers can apply for an ORCID free of charge using a simple registration form on the orcid.org website.

orcid website snapshot

There are some benefits of having an ORCID. Your research results will benefit from improved discoverability. ORCID is indexed by Google Scholar, and you can also link it to the author systems used in key databases like Web of Science and Scopus. By attaching your unique identity to articles, datasets, patents, etc., you ensure that all of your work is found when other scholars search for your research output (What is an ORCID, 2021).

How to Create your ORCID iD: