Data is Findable

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It should be feasible for both humans and computers to find metadata and data.

Make Sure Your Data is Findable by Ensuring:
(How to Make Your Data FAIR | Universiteit Utrecht, n.d.; How to Make the Data FAIR, n.d.)

id Data are Assigned a Persistent Identifier

Data and metadata are assigned a unique and persistent identifier. Persistent identifiers help accurate mapping of information between the systems and support the research process. ORCID identifier is an example of common PIDs used in research.

findable Data are Searchable

Metadata and data are searchable online i.e. registered in a searchable resource.

metadata Data are Described with Rich Metadata

‘Metadata’ is data about data and usually embedded in data files/documents. The metadata is used for a large index of research data that can be queried directly to find data, obtain stats and explore connections. All the metadata is free to access and review (DataCite, n.d.).