Considerations When Creating a File Name

One of the first things to consider is to decide on a file naming convention at the start of your project. 

Useful File Names are:  

1 Consistent

2 Meaningful and understandable to you and other team members

3 Easily findable

Consider the Following Elements When Selecting a File Name: 

  • Understandable vocabulary – establish standards for file names so that everyone can communicate in the same language. 
  • Punctuation – establish rules for when and how to use punctuation symbols, capital letters, hyphens, and spaces. 
  • Dates – decide on a logical way to use dates so that they appear chronologically, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD. 
  • Order – decide which element should come first so that files with the same theme are grouped together and easily found.
  • Numbers – specify the number of digits to use in numbering so that files are listed numerically, such as “01, 02, 03” OR “001, 002, 003.”