5. Platforms to Share Tabular Data

The best way to publish and share research data is in a data repository. Data repositories are online databases that help research data to be preserved across time and allow others to find it. A repository will assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to each uploaded object and provide a web page that tells what it is, how to cite it, and how many times other researchers have cited or downloaded that object (Menchaca, 2019). The following content will demonstrate the various types of data repositories.

General Repositories

Discipline-Specific Repositories

arxiv logo

arXiv for mathematical and physical sciences

geo logo

Geo for genomic datasets

uk data archive logo

UK Data Archive for Social Sciences and Humanities

nih logo

The National Library of Medicine (NIH) has listed repositories that make data accessible for reuse and are open for both submitting and accessing data in different types of data (e.g., Genomic Data)

plos logo

Other discipline-specific repositories are provided by Scientific Data or by PLOS journals

Repository of Repositories

re3data logo


re3data is a global registry of research data repositories, so you can search their database to find the best repository to host your data.