Data Handling Courses

These courses were developed with collaborators from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Algonquin College, and made possible with Compute Ontario funding.

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data handling practices

Optimal Data Handling Practices

These courses are intended for independent researchers, research support staff, and graduate students at all career stages. Whether you have been managing research projects for decades or are new to conducting research, chances are that there are best practices related to data handling that you may not have mastered as these practices have evolved quickly over time.

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FAIR Principles

This course will introduce researchers to the FAIR Principles for scientific data management and stewardship and will describe how to implement these into your research workflow.

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Data Storage and Privacy

This course will discuss best practices for data storage and safety including filenaming standards, backup policies, and standard data storage practices.

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tabular data

Managing and Sharing Tabular Data

This course will outline best practices when creating, managing, and sharing tabular data including the organization of data and use of data dictionaries.

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sharing and copyright

Data Sharing and Copyright

This course will introduce participants to platforms they can use to share tabular data and will provide a high-level overview of best practices to consider when sharing data.

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