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Why engage in Open Science training?

There has been a national and international promotion towards making the scientific process more transparent, accessible, and inclusive. Open science practices are not typically formally taught to researchers during training.

In March 2021, the Tri-Agencies Research Data Management Policy was introduced. This policy sets out obligations for Canadian researchers and institutions that will support best practices pertaining to data handling and deposit. Data management requirements are standard practice internationally, and many other nations have set similar policies to support responsible data handling. Many other jurisdictions have introduced similar mandates. In order to successfully deliver on grants, many researchers may need to update some of their research practices.

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Data Handling Courses
These courses were developed with collaborators from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Algonquin College for a Compute Ontario initiative.
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Harmonized Patient Consent
Resources for research ethics, including templates for patient consent with language supporting updated data sharing requirements.
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Data Management Plan Tools
Specialized DMP templates with worked examples.
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